The Woodlands club is run by a committee of 9 and a president, the president holds office for one year and the vice president becomes the new president. all committee members serve a 2 year term and elections are held every March. to become a committee member you muast have been a member for 2 years and then get 2 members to propose and second you before the elections. Voting takes place for a week before and if you have enough votes you are now on the committee

Our current committe members are:

President:            Ms J. Mitchel-Fox

Vice President:     Mrs J. Earnshaw

Ex-Officio:          Mrs J. Earnshaw

Committee:         Mr S. Etchells

                         Mrs L. Ridgeway

                         Mr M. Newton

                         Mr S. Banks

                         Mr S. Johnson

                         Mr S. Wiles

                         Ms J. Woodthorpe

Woodlands Club also has 3 Trustees: Mr. I Bell, Mr. D. Walker and Mr. R. Elliott

Treasurer     Mr D. Milnes

Secretary    Ms J. Higgins